my time between birth of children...a lot of years

my time between August and May...teaching kingergarten!

my time between school days...sweet summer time!

my time between the news and midnight...cherished me time!

my time time between family and work...creating, sewing, painting, decorating

Sunday, August 21, 2011

And School Begins!!

It is the beginning of a new school year and I have been so busy getting my classroom ready to welcome my new kindergarteners.  Not to mention I have had home visits AND Open House (100% attendance, I might add).
I love going to meet my new students and hopefully ease any anxiety they may have about starting a new venture.  These children ARE amazing. 
 I decided to add a new highlight to my classroom this year.  My theme has always been the "Alligator Room" (being a Louisiana native) but to add to the decor my husband and I created a new Reading Nook!
We took two pallets and bolted them together, sanded, primed and painted them red. 
The fabric (already in my stash) was stapled to an old frame and drapped over the side gauze panels. 
 After one quick seam on the gauze, I slide extra fabric tubes in and hung it with fishing line.  It is AMAZING at what you can make with the things you have on hand!!
Located right under the window allows for great lighting.

One pallet was smaller than the other which allowed for a little step!
 Fishing line was tied to a spring... which is the inside of an old toilet paper holder.  Don't ask, I have NO idea why I had it.
My bulletin board where the First Day of School photos will go of my new little
It is going to be a FANTASTIC year!
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Robyn Story Designs and Boutique~Giveaway

For all of you DIYers out there, go check out this amazing giveaway from Robyn Story Designs and Boutique and her blog. 
It's"TIME" for

And we're going to give you EVERYTHING, EVERY color that Annie has!!

That's right - I'm including the  
In Mini Pots/Sample Size

Every color is amazing, from the Greek Blue of the Aegean Sea to the Scandinavian Pink of Denmark.  All of Annie's Colors tell a story about a place or a thing that she has seen on her journey's.

French Linen
A cool neutral khaki grey inspired by the bleached, deep neutral of old pieces of French and Italian furniture.

A warm greyed brown, the color found on old French woodwork.

Pure White
Quite simply a pure clean white

An older color brought back by popular demand


Also included with this wonderful selection of paints is:

Annie Sloan Work Apron

Annie Sloan's Creating the French Look book

Isn't this a wonderful opportunity, and OH to win all of these fabulous giveaways.  
If I COULD ONLY get to Tampa, Florida. ( in my best whiny voice) They even offer you coffee and invite you to stroll from room to room.  WOW!  They offer anything from Fun to funky, Casual to Sophisticated.  You know I am a  Fun and Funky kinda girl...little Shabby Chic on the side!!!
 Now this is just a taste of what they have so go check it out.

  • Retailer of Annie Sloan Paints
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Artful Lighting
  • Framed Art
  • Original Oils 
  • Full Design Service
  • Shoes, Handbags, Belts and Bling...
  • Fashion Accessories and Everything.
  • Unique Furniture, Fabulous Home Decor and Accessorie
  • Exquisite Custom Floral Design
Ideas are already spinning in my head of what to do with that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The Apron is adorable.  And those knobs, those knobs,~~~~need I say more?
 Don't forget 
Annie Sloan's Creating the French Look book.  

I can see myself sitting down with a nice cup of coffee, in a cozy seat reading it.  Excuse me, I was daydreaming there for a second but ...back to reality.  Go ...Go...Go check out this giveaway!!!

I wish you all a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moment of Truth!

The Pinterest Challenge is here.  OMG! What amazingly talented people.
First of all, thanks to Sherry @ Young House Love and Katie @ Bower Power for challenging each of us to step out and actually make one of our inspirations we have pinned on Pinterest. Take a look at what inspired these women and what they created and also, check out their co-host friends, Lana @ Making a House a Home and Emily Henderson .
While admiring all of the links I stumbled upon Amy @Keep'n The Sunny Side and her delightful pillow she made.  Since I'm obviously in pillow mode it caught my eye.  Just so happens, I have pinned this pillow to my Emma Claire board in hopes to make one for her. Cant's wait to get started.
  Isn't it awesome!
I love the red and turquoise don't you?
I also ran across Jaclyn @ Covered in Flour . She made this button monogram. This is a neat idea and she did an awesome job!
  Last year I made other things out of buttons for gifts.  One for a friend (using her late mother's buttons) and one for my Louisiana sis, Jennifer.
Elmer's glue crackling!!

 But Jaclyn has inspired me to try the monogram.

Check out some more of these challenges.
Sunburst Mirror by Cassie @  Hi Sugarplum!
Baby Shower Inspired by Melissa @ Below Blue Skies
Pallet Wall by Mrs. Yancy goes to Birmingham
Antipasto Skewers from Dixie Julep

Whether you sew, craft, decorate, or cook I hope, once again, you have been inspired to be creative. How could you not be?  Check out Pinterest and check out the challenge.  It will get your juices flowing!!

Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Recycled Sweater Pillow!!!

For several weeks now I have had a new addiction.  Don't think bad of's a good addiction.  It is Pinterest, an awesome website where you get so inspired from others and pin these photo inspirations on to your own pin boards!  Hope I'm not confusing you newbies, so go on over and check out mine here and get an idea of what in the heck I'm talking about!!!
I am one of the those people that constantly have ideas and thoughts and my ADD kicks in and I get so excited and want to make, redo, repurpose, sew or whatever my feeble mind is spinning at that second.  Whew, it wears me out.  When I finally get the time to sit down and make a plan, I have forgotten half of my ideas.  Pinterest has saved me and allows me to "pin" my ideas to my inspiration board I call "Things to Make".
Well, with that said, Tomorrow, I am joining Sherry @ Young House Love
and Katie @ Bower Power and their creative friends.
They have given us a challenge:  Make one thing each season you have pinned to one of your inspiration boards.  There are so many INSPIRATIONS and it was hard for me to choose.  However, I have been eyeballing these sweet pillows from Angella Eisman here.  She is amazingly talented. Be sure and visit her here

So being the ADD girl that I am, and only checking into the challenge at the last minute, I rushed home from work and made this.
You know I'm lovin' some turquoise and it just so happened, I had everything I needed!  I'm not a hoarder, but I sure do keep a lot of things...just in case...I ever need them!!

1 wool sweater (left from a Christmas tree project last year) FREE (Actually 3 wool sweaters, green, red, turquoise)
1 worn out old pillow form (burgandy) FREE
needle/thread/sewing machine
Scrap fabric (another previous project) to cover pillow (It looks a bit like burlap but heavier)FREE

This may not be the right way to make one, but it sure worked for me.
1. I cut the sweater into various width/length strips. (It had already been cut up from previous project so I had to go with what I had).
2. Measured my fabric to fit the form.  My form is square but I wanted it rounded  so I rounded the fabric edges.
3. I began to sew the sweater strips on the fabric gathering and rounding it as I went.

4.  When I got to the middle, there was so much bulk for my machine, I had to hand stitch the center of the flower.

5. Place fabric right sides together and stitch up three sides. Then turn right side out.
6. Place your pillow form in the new case and stitch open end closed.  As I said earlier, I wanted a more round look so I just folded the corners of the pillow in.
7. Move it around on different pieces of furniture and enjoy!!

I hope once more, you have been inspired.  Go check out Pinterest and, I assure you, the INSPIRATION for something will hit you!!
Have a Blessed Day!