my time between birth of children...a lot of years

my time between August and May...teaching kingergarten!

my time between school days...sweet summer time!

my time between the news and midnight...cherished me time!

my time time between family and work...creating, sewing, painting, decorating

Monday, March 14, 2011

Two men and a floor!

We changed our minds!  In an earlier post I mentioned we were going to stain the concrete floors in the new "princess" room.  However, since I my ole bones and joints have been giving me trouble lately, removing the paint from the concrete floors just seemed too pain staking.
When you pull up carpet in an older house, you never know what you might find underneath.  These painters were obviously not very neat.  So, we decided to go with laminate wood flooring. 
I really like it.  It is Swift Lock Plus from Lowes and, to our surprise, at was on sale!!  We always love a good sell.  Our friend, Mr. Incredible and Matt are busy at the moment trying to lay the floor....with a little help!

As you can see, the walls are yellow.  The picture on the right really makes it look like a big lemon.  Notice the old blind...definitely outdated....and battered from the wrestling and a few balls being thrown around, I'm sure!  Afterall, it did use to be a "man cave"
Hopefully, soon, I can post pictures with the furniture.!!

In the meantime, have a fabulous week!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Princess, Angel or Little Devil?

We are still working on the room "fit for a princess".  The walls and molding are painted.  All we lack is the cleaning of the concrete floors in preparation of stain.  Yes!  Stained concrete floors.  We did the majority of the floors in our house about a year ago and we love them.  But, that is a blog all in itself.  However,  our princess....
was not such a princess the other night.  We thought she was asleep.  Little did we know she was exploring the effects of baby powder.  The room was one big "poof cloud" of powder.  That is, what was not embedded in her hair and covering her entire body. Now we are trying to figure she a princess.....

an angel.....

or....a little devil!!!

What do you think?  

Monday, March 7, 2011

I did it!

I did it!  It is finallly here and I am SO excited!
Matt and I are in the process of getting the "big girl" room ready for Emma Claire.  I can't wait to share the transformation with you.  She kicked her big brother out (since he got married) and deemed the room officially "hers".  This room has gone from black walls full of posters and sports memorabilia with a stinky "boy" smell to a bright and cheery room fit for a princess.

    She loves her brothers AND she definitely loves her new "sister".

Our family has truly been blessed by God and we are glad you are here to share in our journey!