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Monday, August 1, 2011

Recycled Sweater Pillow!!!

For several weeks now I have had a new addiction.  Don't think bad of's a good addiction.  It is Pinterest, an awesome website where you get so inspired from others and pin these photo inspirations on to your own pin boards!  Hope I'm not confusing you newbies, so go on over and check out mine here and get an idea of what in the heck I'm talking about!!!
I am one of the those people that constantly have ideas and thoughts and my ADD kicks in and I get so excited and want to make, redo, repurpose, sew or whatever my feeble mind is spinning at that second.  Whew, it wears me out.  When I finally get the time to sit down and make a plan, I have forgotten half of my ideas.  Pinterest has saved me and allows me to "pin" my ideas to my inspiration board I call "Things to Make".
Well, with that said, Tomorrow, I am joining Sherry @ Young House Love
and Katie @ Bower Power and their creative friends.
They have given us a challenge:  Make one thing each season you have pinned to one of your inspiration boards.  There are so many INSPIRATIONS and it was hard for me to choose.  However, I have been eyeballing these sweet pillows from Angella Eisman here.  She is amazingly talented. Be sure and visit her here

So being the ADD girl that I am, and only checking into the challenge at the last minute, I rushed home from work and made this.
You know I'm lovin' some turquoise and it just so happened, I had everything I needed!  I'm not a hoarder, but I sure do keep a lot of things...just in case...I ever need them!!

1 wool sweater (left from a Christmas tree project last year) FREE (Actually 3 wool sweaters, green, red, turquoise)
1 worn out old pillow form (burgandy) FREE
needle/thread/sewing machine
Scrap fabric (another previous project) to cover pillow (It looks a bit like burlap but heavier)FREE

This may not be the right way to make one, but it sure worked for me.
1. I cut the sweater into various width/length strips. (It had already been cut up from previous project so I had to go with what I had).
2. Measured my fabric to fit the form.  My form is square but I wanted it rounded  so I rounded the fabric edges.
3. I began to sew the sweater strips on the fabric gathering and rounding it as I went.

4.  When I got to the middle, there was so much bulk for my machine, I had to hand stitch the center of the flower.

5. Place fabric right sides together and stitch up three sides. Then turn right side out.
6. Place your pillow form in the new case and stitch open end closed.  As I said earlier, I wanted a more round look so I just folded the corners of the pillow in.
7. Move it around on different pieces of furniture and enjoy!!

I hope once more, you have been inspired.  Go check out Pinterest and, I assure you, the INSPIRATION for something will hit you!!
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Oh wow.. that turned out great! I've seen those pillows on Pinterest and admired them. So pretty. Nice job!

  2. I have made pillows from sweaters before, but this is a new twist on them. I love it! Ifollowed on facebook, but it is not showing up yet-if it doesn't I will try again.