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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creativity and Repurposing

Creativity is truly a gift. Through my journey of blogland, I have stumbled across so many talented and creative people.  Some of these people I hope to become friends with and learn from.  However, I am fortunate to have a friend of such right here in Missouri.

Since I have a couple of months off during the summer I have been helping this talented and creative friend, MJ, by working at her and her daughter's awesome store.  Now, those of you locally know it as the Byrd's Nest.  Famously, known for their infant/toddler clothing and accessories. What some are not aware of is the additional items that make this place so unique.

I want to share with you some awesome finds, in this quaint little store, that demonstrate not only creativity but also a talent for repurposing old, used, vintage (whatever you want to call it) into fascinating pieces of art. So sit back and be inspired!

Don't you just love this little vignette?

Wreath with old gloves, buttons, jewels and more

I just love the pearls and old door knob on this one!

Old tin made into a mirror with a touch of whimsy with wire and crystal jewels

This gorgeous chandelier is hanging in the bathroom. Notice the wall in the background.  It is wallpapered with print from an old book.  The title is Gone With the Wind. Anyone familiar with that one?

Old jewelry repurposed into wire wrapped rings!  Awesome.

Concert tags and bandana repurposed into a one of a kind necklace. Donated by our very own local boy and recording artist, Trent Tomlinson.

What are these?  I knew you would ask.  These are clothes donated  by our very own local girl and recording artist, Sheryl Crow.  All proceeds from her collection are donated to our Delta Children's Home.

I love this.  I'm thinking this might be an awesome piece for the future turquoise bedroom

See the hat?  Do you know where that needs to go? You are so right!! In the turquoise room!!
Children's items
Jewelry display on old candlestick
 I hope you enjoyed our little venture of creativity and a big thank you to MJ at the Byrd's Nest.  I am leaving you with one of my repurposed treasures I made for my mother (who happens to be an owl fanatic!)

Repurposed men's ties to make new HOOTies.  Embellish your scarves or purses with these cute little items! Aren't they a HOOT!!!

Have a blessed day, all!!

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