my time between birth of children...a lot of years

my time between August and May...teaching kingergarten!

my time between school days...sweet summer time!

my time between the news and midnight...cherished me time!

my time time between family and work...creating, sewing, painting, decorating

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy Girl!! Teaching, Tonsils, T-Ball, Tattoos and Twirling

I am a busy girl taking care of a busy girl!!  Just a few reasons I have neglected to blog over the last few days months!!
TEACHing my fabulous Kindergarten class .  Can't wait to check out this book. 


Getting those nasty TONSILS removed!

 T-Ball and
a Dora Tattoo.

(I have no idea who taught her to pose that way)

And Twirling Camp!
 So there you have it!  My precious excuse for procrastination.  How lucky am I?

But I have been busy creating and more of those pics coming soon.  However, I will leave you with a project I did for our school fundraiser.

With a little elbow grease, removal of four layers of paint, a little sanding and priming, painting and glazing this little desk went from
 that.... to this!

Have a blessed day!

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